How to Demo products?

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How to Demo products?

Postby EveB » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:31 pm

The best way to sell products is to let customers experience them, pretty sure we'll all agree on that but there are little things that can help to improve sales and things to avoid. Aside from a positive, happy and helpful attitude, the following might help those who don't have a beauty or product background:

The new chocolate and cherry body mousse - as this comes in a tub (and for any product without a pump dispenser) it is essential to avoid having people putting their fingers in the pot to prevent cross contamination. You want peope to have a nice experience not gain an infectious condition! Use a separate spatula for each person (coffee stirrers or cotton buds will suffice but one for each person) or decant some product into a pump bottle.

Also, this product is quite rich - I put some on a salon owner the other day and she asked if it is greasy - I had applied too much and advised her so. Once she had massaged it in she really liked it and knew that I was correct but that question could throw you if you didn't know. Skin creams (face or body) should leave a matt effect - if people are shining like a beacon (bit like the difference in matt or silk paint) then they've applied too much. Better to apply a little and then apply some more if necessary.

You will sometimes get people say the foundation is 'heavy' - this usually means the client has applied too much. Alot of women don't really know how to apply product. I prefer to apply foundation with sligthly dampened natural make up sponges - it gives a nice, natural, even effect. Mineral powder, blusher can then be applied after that.

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Re: How to Demo products?

Postby Ernie Bryden » Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:08 pm

Eve, that is great advice. I don't have many makeup products but what I have I keep in my backpack and this goes everywhere with me. it was quite funny last night for instance as the running club meeting almost turned into a beauty parlour when an opportune moment came for trials of papaya nail laquer and the silicone base.

If I can do this in front of some tough athletes and take a bit of ribbing and raised eyebrows, then the rest of you have no excuses. p.s. I made a sale on the spot, gave out two catalogues and a business card, and someone took the sample kit home :D
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Re: How to Demo products?

Postby David1 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:21 pm

for those of you that remember FM TV, as you know there is someting new coming soon and this will be covered ;)
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