New FM Webinar Now Ready - Worth A Watch

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New FM Webinar Now Ready - Worth A Watch

Postby Gary » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:31 am

I finished writing and building the brand new FM overview webinar over the weekend. It was a task that I needed to do, due to the updates in the pay plan. I could have just changed that part of the webinar. I thought that I would use the opportunity to updated the presentation. In the space of 18 mths I have called in excess of 250 prospects. I learnt from each call. Often they would ask good questions, that showed me that they didn't understand what they had to do. I have also been able to deal with objects. I have answered most of them without pointing out the objection. For example if people said they didn't like the colour red. I don't say some people don't like red. Because there is no point in making them think about an objection they hadn't thought of. I just explain that red is a great colour. By the way red isn't an objection.

Even If you have seen previous versions this really is worth a watch. I am sure that you will pick up a few lines and tips

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