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REWARD - Peugeot 107 Starts: 01.05.2010 Ends: 31.12.2010
This is an independent car programme run by FM COSMETICS UK Ltd only.
The base month is January 2010. Those who have reached Amaranth, Golden and Diamond orchid in January 2010 are excluded from this programme but can still participate in the Mercedes Car programme funded by FM Group World.
Additional terms and conditions:
1. Reward is allocated to one ID number qualifying for the reward. If there is more than one name on one ID number there can only be one person chosen to get the reward (If a limited company the reward goes to one of the directors)
2. Minimum qualifying order of 34.42 personal points is required to qualify for any commission and reward. Those points do not have to be obtained in the UK office.
3. This car programme is available only for FM Cosmetics UK residents - Distributors who signed their contract with FM Cosmetics UK and get their commission paid in the UK (they do not have to live in UK)
4. In order to qualify for the Peugeot car programme you need to reach 21% level and keep this level for 3 months in a row. (If you reach Pearl, Amaranth, Golden or Diamond Orchid you still qualify if the extra conditions are fulfilled). Additional rules apply:
5. You need to reach 21% level and accumulate an extra 10,000 points. So it means you need to have at least 40,000 group points
6. 40,000 group points must come from the UK office. (It means the points must come from products purchased at the FM Cosmetics UK office). If you have a total of 100,000 group points but 30,000 only comes from the UK office then you do not qualify!
7. If you are at the 21% level, a maximum of 50% of your total group points must come from one leg
8. If you are at Pearl Orchid level, only15,000 points from each 21% leg in your team are al- located towards the qualifying UK points. It means you need to have at least 25,000 UK points outside your main leg.
9. If you want to get another car under your Extra FM ID number, the qualifying points must be excluded from your previous car. It means that if you qualify for another car under your extra ID number and you decide to take it, those points will not be counted towards your first car which was taken on the previous ID number. This rule applies to every extra ID number..

10. Peugeot 107 will be leased on your personal name for 4 years, if you keep the level in the particular month the monthly rate for this car will be paid by FM COSMETICS UK into your bank account. If you do not reach the required level we will not refund the monthly rate into your bank account. If in the lease period of 4 years (48 months), you qualify for the required level for at least 24 months (half of the lease), then FM COSMETICS UK ltd will pay the final amount of money and purchase the car for you. The distributor pays all extra costs like: car insurance, road tax, any other fees.
11. Reward cannot be exchanged into cash or any other reward.
12. FM Cosmetics UK residents who live abroad, will have to sign a lease contract with UK Peu- geot dealer chosen by FM COSMETICS UK.
13. FM COSMETICS UK Ltd will pay a monthly rate for the standard basic version of the Peu- geot 107 - 5 door, colour red. If anyone wants to upgrade the car to their own requirements they pay for any extras themselves. Discover How You Can Earn Extra Cash Save Money Buying Everyday Items Free Training Learn How To Market Online. No credit Needed Digital Insurance
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