Welcome Please Read Before Posting

Please Read Before Posting

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Welcome Please Read Before Posting

Postby Gary » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:58 am

Welcome to The Talking Riches Forum.

The aim of this forum to share with each other tips, thought and support in our endeavours to create additional income.

Please only post positive comments. This forum is about support. With all types of business there are good and bad times. I have seen people on other forums post negative comments about their affiliate company. Which resulted in them spoiling their current project. So think carefully about what you post. Just because something doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean it is not right for someone else.

I will accept fair reviews. For example “Today I had a problem, I found that this was wrong……. I solved it by.”

In other words you may show a negative so long as there is a positive.

Keep in mind the public can view all postings. Think carefully what you say out aloud. Remember what happened when Gerald Ratner made a lighthearted comment about the quality of his products….

Please help other members. Do not attack other members. Please allow other members to feel comfortable here. If they make spelling mistakes etc don’t attack them for it. What they have to say may well be more important than the correct use of grammar.

A tip to help prevent spelling mistakes: type your post in word first and spell check then paste it in to the forum.

Please enjoy the forum.

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